SKM Industries Inc.

CNC Machining Technology

SKM Industries Inc. is your source for quality CNC machining for metal parts, plastics, and high precision assemblies. With mechanical engineers on staff, we give you the benefit of over 30 years of industry experience and the latest in equipment and computer technology.

Technology is making rapid advancements in the manufacturing industry. Our goal at SKM Industries is to remain at the forefront of these changes, giving you the advantage of high efficiency and precision, resulting in overall cost effectiveness and unsurpassed quality.
Since our establishment in 1992, SKM Industries has built a strong industry reputation for providing highly accurate, quality parts with a high level of customer service and attention. All equipment is networked to a central CAD/CAM system for efficient programming, using DXF and IGES files or blueprints, and verified using 3-D rendering before machining. Continuous maintenance support from our CAD/CAM manufacturers provides automatic and software upgrades.

Integrated Information Management

SKM Industries' Custom Information System is designed to manage and integrate data for each customer work order. We run a unique complete information management system allowing for a paperless shop floor. With iPads and touchscreens on all workstations tied into the central server, our system facilitates the information flow throughout the company with complete traceability and document control. All customer data, such as quality assurance specifications, part materials, or processes is organized and stored into this system, easily accessible upon request or for repeat orders.

Green Initiative

SKM Industries is proud to announce its commitment to the movement towards a greener future. 70% of the shop's power consumption is fulfilled as a result of nearly 8000 square feet of solar panels mounted on our facility rooftop. Because of our custom ERP system, iPad portals are mounted on all work stations. This allows for a paperless shop floor.

Capabilities and Equipment

To ensure technological advancement, all equipment is upgraded on a regular basis, leaving nothing older than ten years.

CAD/CAM Systems
CAD/CAM system for programming is available at each machine on laptops. Each computer is connected to the central server with wireless uploading capabilities of programs to the machines on the fly. Design and program changes can be incorporated instantly.
Mazak™ Turning Centers
Our five Mazak™ Turning centers are capable of holding dimensions within 0.0001” continuously throughout the production run, eliminating the need for grinding on most applications. These are equipped with bar feeders, tool touch probes, and automatic tool life management.
HAAS™ Milling Centers
Our 10 HAAS™ milling centers, ranging from DT-1 to VF2SS to VF3SS, are equipped with tool touch and spindle probes to facilitate accuracy and speed. We are able to probe parts for machining accuracy and inspection.
Micro Vue™ Automation
Our Micro-Vu™ fully automated CMM for optical and probe inspection allows for the capability of inspecting first articles and final and in-process inspections within a matter of seconds. The simplicity and efficiency of keeping a part on the CMM table and running the part program to retrieve the inspection results provides our customers with the best possible value.





Machine Tools



Quality Control Management

SKM is committed to quality and excellence. We set the highest standards for ourselves, enabling us to meet and exceed our customers' exacting specifications, regardless of whether that involves an independent consultant or major corporation.
Inspection travelers and prints, along with the necessary information, are available through iPad portals at our production and quality stations for machine operators and quality assurance personnel. Documents are available live at all stations from our ERP Server, eliminating the need for document control.
Moreover, production tolerances are always set from 60% to 70% of the print tolerances to ensure the parts are as close to nominal dimensions as possible throughout the whole production lot. Each part is inspected by operators under 4-10X magnification as part of the manufacturing process.
In addition to dimensional verification, our routine quality assurance process includes inspection of cosmetics, finishes, and packaging of the parts. We can meet or exceed MIL-I-45208 system compliance.